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Law Office of Brian A Montague Brian Montague is an AV rated attorney licensed in Florida and Mississippi. He has significant and uniquely diverse legal experience. Over 40 years of law practice, he has successfully . . . Learn More 

Decades of Experience

Over forty diversified and rewarding years as an attorney have afforded remarkable privileges: JAG service in Iraq, appearances before state and federal courts throughout the Southeast at the trial and appellate levels, and work in matters ranging from commercial development to business transactions, wills and probate, insurance law, and contracts. Being a solo practitioner with wide-ranging experience provides this practice with the flexibility and the platform to support many client needs across a broad spectrum and in two states. 


Practice Areas

Residential and Commercial Development

This office represents builders, developers, and homeowners in residential and commercial real estate transactions, ranging from single-family residential purchases to complex hotel and other commercial projects across multiple states.

Wills, Estates, and Probate

This office drafts Florida and Mississippi estate plans (including wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney, and other instruments) with regularity, and represents estate representatives and beneficiaries in the probate courts of Florida and Mississippi.

Neighborhood Governance and Vacation Rentals

This office offers advice and counsel to HOA leadership and members at every stage, including with HOA formation and governance, creation of HOA covenants, rules, and bylaws, and covenant enforcement and dispute resolution.

Asset Purchases and Sales

This office has negotiated and memorialized contract terms of several multi-million dollar asset sales and purchases, including an asset sale to one of the largest communications concerns in the United States, the purchase of hotel properties and assets across five states, and the acquisition of residential developments in two states.

Business Formation and Operations

Mr. Montague regularly helps clients with formation and operation of for-profit and non-profit corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships and proprietorships.

Insurance Coverage, Claims, and Defense

Having a lengthy history of both defending and prosecuting civil lawsuits at the trial and appellate levels, and with decades of experience working day in and day out with insurance carriers, their insureds, and those with claims against either, this office knows well the law regarding insurance.

Brian A. Montague


Brian Montague is an AV rated attorney licensed in Florida and Mississippi. He has significant and uniquely diverse legal experience over 39 years of law practice. He has successfully tried cases in federal and state court, and has won appeals three times before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Brian’s experience representing both businesses and individuals in trials and appeals complements his decades of experience handling business and commercial real estate transactions, asset purchases and sales, corporate and LLC structuring, hundreds of contracts, articles of condominium, and covenants and other governing documents for homeowner and condominium owner associations.

Testimonials from Colleagues and Clients

  • “Brian served his country for over 20 years, including in northern Iraq where he provided full spectrum legal services for two large battalion formations and their commanders while in an active combat zone. His skills in issue management and organization distinguished him among and above his peers. I strongly endorse him as an attorney and adviser in business litigation and negotiation.”

    Colleague Who Served in Iraq
  • “Brian offers the best of both worlds: he is both quick AND conscientious. His credentials and experience are impeccable but — equally importantly — his manner and personality put us instantly at ease. Brian helped our company with some complex decisions regarding IP; even though our queries and needs were unclear at first, Brian helped us to understand our options, then guided our plans and actions with a remarkably deft touch. Two more qualities bear mentioning: the first is that it was clear from the start that Brian’s primary motivation was to *help us* — putting our needs and interests first, rather than simply focusing on profits and billable hours. The other outstanding quality is Brian’s solid-gold integrity: as a physician, I’m afraid I’ve been conditioned to be wary of attorneys, but Brian’s honesty and integrity rank among the very highest I’ve encountered in ANY profession. We definitely plan to consult with Brian in the future!”

    Consulted with Brian on Business Start Up and Intellectual Property Matters
  • “I have known Brian in excess of 45 years as a neighbor, friend, adversary, and colleague. Brian is an excellent lawyer with extensive experience in litigation, transactional law, and negotiations. He is hardworking, ethical and civil in his dealings with other lawyers, staff, and members of the public.”

    Professional Colleague and Friend
  • “Brian has served as my personal attorney, and I have developed great respect for Brian’s legal skills. What is most impressive is that Brian not only has a vast knowledge of both public and private sector law, but also a well – developed understanding of how the legal system actually works.”

    Valued Client of Many Years
  • “I have known and worked with Brian for more than twenty years. He is an extraordinary lawyer with exceptional skills in litigation and complex conflict resolution. His signature penchant for thorough preparation is complimented by an engaging persona, experience in the courtroom, and his astounding network of connections in law and politics.”

    Professional Colleague of Over Twenty Years

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