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Optimizing Delivery of Solo Practice Legal Services

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 @ 01:11 AM
Brian Montague

In a recent issue of GPSolo magazine, Chicago solo practitioner Peter La Sorsa comments on how technology has given solo lawyers the ability to practice “anywhere they take their laptop and have access to a high-speed Internet connection.”   LaSorsa offers comments on how solo lawyers and small practices can use technology to stay on an equal footing with large firms in terms of delivery of service, a goal to which this office strives.

Cut out the middleman.  LaSorsa says a solo lawyer has an advantage by remaining hands on in every aspect of case management: from answering the phone to file organization and oversight.  “Nothing escapes you, and therefore you will know [cases] inside and out. You are able to give incredible service to your client — service your big firm competitors can’t match.”  Like LaSorsa, I work and know my files.

Answer and return your calls immediately.   A solo practitioner is the heart of the enterprise, which – as LaSorsa points out – depends in no small measure on being accessibile.  Clients calling this practice can always reach me or leave a voicemail message that is delivered immediately to my inbox.  Communications are never lost in translation and, as clients will attest, I return calls without delay.

Go paperless.  La Sorsa comments that “[a]s a solo firm, you can scan and store all of your documents electronically and access them easily from your computer (backed up, of course, in the cloud).  This practice stores documents electronically and backs up into the cloud, using a secure platform.  For more on this, see my blog of April 17, 2012 (“Becoming a Paperless Office“).

Written by Brian Montague

Brian Montague

A fourth generation Hattiesburg native, an Iraq and military veteran, and a 1983 graduate of the University of Mississippi Law School, Brian Montague has established an AV rated, well-respected neighborhood law practice focusing on trying cases in state and federal court, corporate and transactional work, insurance defense and coverage, personal injury and wrongful death, residential construction and development issues, and estate probate and administration.