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Becoming a Paperless Office

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 @ 12:04 AM
Brian Montague

Those among us who are the least bit hesitant about transitioning away from paper files and into the world of purely electronic storage, filing, and retrieval of  documents would do well to watch a well done video presentation on The Paperless Office.   More on that below.  First, consider this the next time you have to manage or produce large volumes of documents, whether as a litigator, administrative assistant, or executive:

A banker’s box can house around 2500 sheets of paper, and weighs about 25 pounds.  A typical USB thumb drive can hold over 200,000 pages of documents, which, printed, would weigh one ton.   Add to the avoidance of expense and administrative burdens the following: over eighty percent of what we file traditionally never gets looked at again and we typically spend over an hour a day looking for missing information.

In a thoroughly prepared and easy to understand video, New Orleans attorneys Dane Ciolino and Ernie Svenson discuss what a “paperless office” is, why switch, basic strategies and technologies, how to keep your digital files organized and searchable, and some information on how to optimize your system to enable “anywhere-access” to digital files.  Take a look by going to and clicking on the video link.  The video lasts an hour.  It’s worth the time!

Written by Brian Montague

Brian Montague

A fourth generation Hattiesburg native, an Iraq and military veteran, and a 1983 graduate of the University of Mississippi Law School, Brian Montague has established an AV rated, well-respected neighborhood law practice focusing on trying cases in state and federal court, corporate and transactional work, insurance defense and coverage, personal injury and wrongful death, residential construction and development issues, and estate probate and administration.